Radiation Day 7 – I could have chosen the music today…

…but I didn’t. I had to go to a different beam room than my normal location today because my machine was running a bit behind schedule. The techs in this room offered to let me choose the music. Despite my extensive coverage of the beam room music here, I was at a loss to think of an artist to use to seed a Pandora station. So, I said, “surprise me.” Their reply:

“If you let Ron pick, he’s probably going to pick ’60’s, 70’s, and 80’s'”

Well, Ron, whatever you picked, it was alright. Here’s today’s rundown:

  1. “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You),” James Taylor
  2. “Hey, Soul Sister,” Train (Acceptable primarily because of the Mr. Mister reference which immediately reminded me of my childhood obsession with the song, “Kyrie.” In fact, I’m listening to it right now. )
  3. “Two Princes,” Spin Doctors (This is probably the only time I’ve ever said this, but it is definitely worth reading the YouTube comments on the video for this song.)

All this discussion of the music in the beam room has been fun, and it helps me remember to record my thoughts daily. It has also unexpectedly given me an appreciation for what an innovator my mom is.

Why my mom should be the “Director of Digital Experience” at MGH Radiation Oncology:

Okay, so I did totally just make that title up, but it sounds good, right? To really truly appreciate what a disruptor my nearly 70 year-old mom is, you need a little background on how the check-in process for radiation therapy works.

  1. Before you start your treatment, you can pre-purchase parking (for up to all six weeks) at a drastically discounted rate of $6 per day. You’re given a bar code card that you simply scan at the entrance and exit of the parking garage – no waiting to pay at the cashier. Very convenient.
  2. You’re also given another (separate) bar code card. Every visit, you scan that card at a self-service scanner in the hallway, effectively checking you in (and alerting your care team). Also very convenient.
  3. Once you’re called into the beam room, you scan it one last time and tell the team your name and DOB and it’s off to the races.

Well, one day on the drive back home from the hospital, my mom said, “You know what? It seems like they should be able to set it up so that when you first scan in, it automatically queues up your own custom playlist. Then, when you scan in inside the room, it starts playing your music.”

How brilliant is that? Are you listening, MGH!? This is coming from a woman who purchased her first smart phone just days before arriving here in Boston. (I won’t tell you about some of the absurd things she tried to make it do, though. I’ve been sworn to secrecy.) Also, I’m reasonably sure she has no earthly idea what Spotify is. What I do know, however, is that now we’re gonna have to set her up with a LinkedIn profile.

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  1. Enjoying all these music choices along with you Aaron. So many memories tied to our music.

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