Radiation Day 21 – We’re gonna do this keto thing!

Your beam room music rundown:

  1. “Someone Like You,” Adele – Adele has got some pipes. I might have to listen to more Adele in the near future.
  2. “Push,” Matchbox Twenty – I’ve definitely written about some very personal stuff here, so why not this? I am embarrassed to admit that I once owned a Matchbox Twenty CD. There I said it. We’re done here.
  3. “Georgia on My Mind,” Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell – This one was, however, neither the original nor the version made famous by Ray Charles. Just a remake.
  4. “Hero,” Family of the Year – An unexpectedly solid song.

Lots of surprises from the beam room music today. Oh, and yeah, J&O were accompanied by a woman technician today. The correlation gets stronger.

I also met with a dietitian today to discuss starting the keto diet. It was kind of awesome to geek out (again) with someone with such deep knowledge of nutrition and metabolic pathways. I’ve got books to buy (and read), apps to purchase, and blood glucose meters to research. Love me a diet that also needs gear! In the words of my dear friend, Jesse (hi, Jesse!), when we started talking about planning a cyclotouring trip together: “I hope I have to go shopping for this.”

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