Radiation Day 23 – Lady Gaga and the Humanity of Stanning Little Caesar’s Pizza

Today’s beam room music rundown:

  1. “Nobody Knows,” The Lumineers – Lumineers, you can take a powder now.
  2. “Always Remember Us This Way,” Lady Gaga (“A Star is Born” soundtrack) – Holy crap, talk about pipes! I actually thought this might be Adele. I need to see this movie now.

I had a quick follow-up with my radiation oncologist who assured me that treatment is right on track (after offering me a chocolate candy, but not before asking if I had started the keto diet). He also told me a story about getting stuck in the Rome airport because he and his family were shopping for olive oil without realizing they still hadn’t properly gone through customs. Sometime I’ll also tell you the story of how I learned of his fondness for Little Caesar’s pizza. Nothing, I repeat, nothing will make a doctor seem more human to you than him remarking about being able to get an entire pizza (and I use that term loosely – Little Caesar’s, after all) for just five dollars. I love my care team.

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