Radiation Day 24 – Chemo + Fasting + Avoiding Caffeine = ?

Beam room music rundown:

  1. “You Don’t Know How It Feels,” Tom Petty – It’s good to hear you again, Tom.
  2. “Push,” Matchbox Twenty – Really? Again? I suppose I kind of deserve this.
  3. “Glycerine,” Bush – Unpopular opinion: I actually like this song.

Speaking of run down, today was a tough one. I had to fast for my weekly labs so the dietitian can have a baseline metabolic panel before we talk further about my ketogenic diet plan next week. That meant only water after midnight. The combination of no food or caffeine until 12:30 the next day plum tuckered me out! To top it off, as we were getting into the car to leave the hospital parking lot, I got a voicemail asking me to call the NP about my lab test results. Apparently my platelet count is low (114 this week vs 177 last week where the healthy range is 150 – 400), so I’ll be in for more labs on Monday to make sure it doesn’t continue to drop. Let’s hope it’s just a fluke or a test error.

Big R is back from traveling Sunday night, and I can’t wait to see her!

Signing off for the weekend,
– Your favorite brain cancer blogger

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  1. Definitely a hard day. But I will note that the tenor of the day started looking up after that afternoon iced coffee. PTL for caffeine!

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