Radiation Day 26 – Sideways

Beam room music rundown:

  1. None, nothing, nada

There was, however, a woman tech in the beam room today (one data point not supporting my hypothesis). But, she was either a substitute (…and now I’m listening to the Who song by the same name *) or a new team member.

Totally unrelated to cancer, today went sideways from the start. Little R kicked off the morning with a massive meltdown immediately after waking up. Why? Because, he asked big R to draw him a rainy day scene, and the umbrella she drew was open when he wanted it to be closed. You know how that is.

It was raining pretty hard, so we drove little R to the bus stop. Then, we left the house 5 minutes later than usual, giving ourselves only 55 minutes to get to the hospital (a trip that normally takes 30 – 35 minutes). All of Boston traffic appeared to conspire against us. I ended up jumping out of the car at the left turn light into the hospital 3 minutes before my first appointment but not before noticing the traffic-jamming media circus at the intersection because Big Papi is being treated at MGH after being shot in a bar in the Dominican Republic. On the bright side, if MGH is good enough for David Ortiz, it’s damn sure good enough for me.

My beam ran a good 30 minutes late, but it was all going to be worth it when I got that Five Guys burger bowl I’d been craving for lunch. 40 minutes after we left the hospital, we pulled into the Dedham mall parking lot only to discover, to our horror, that Five Guys is under construction until late June. Lo, it was not to be!

But hey, I’m still alive; the nausea has eased a bit now that I’m off chemo; and the end of radiation (at least, for now) is in sight. Tomorrow is little R’s “moving up” ceremony (during which he will sing and dance along to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “What I Am,” and “That’s What Friends Are For“). It’s also big R’s and my ninth wedding anniversary. Guaranteed to be a better day.

* You absolutely have to watch that video if for no other reason than to see how Keith Moon holds his drumsticks. It’s outrageous that he was that good and could hold his drumsticks like Cruella de Vil ashing her cigarette. Also, that hair!

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  1. So much in here. If you do a book I def need the E-copy for helpful links. Dude: You need that Roger Daltrey shirt! So there’s lip syncing – was he told to hand sync? Some bizarre work but I was too dialed in to the shirt to focus. They were babies! Saw that Big Papi was flown to Boston – wondered if you faced crowds due to it – wild. Big R can draw a rainy day scene (correct umbrella or Not!) BEFORE morning bus stop?!? Now that’s an amazing parent. 💜 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! wonderful Sayulita memories! 💜love monka

    1. I was pretty fixated on the chevrons on the back of Pete Townshend’s jacket! But, yeah, I think Keith is intentionally playing like an idiot since they had to pretend for TV. I’ve been getting all kinds of Sayulita memories popping up on my Facebook – it’s been pretty great.

  2. Little R has some strong feelings about umbrellas. Be care the direction you run toilet paper.

    1. I wish it were that consistent. Somedays I half expect him to just throw the entire roll of toilet paper on the floor and unravel it all in a frenzy.

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