Radiation Day 28 – Soul Music and 3D Modeling

Today’s beam room music rundown:

  1. “Upside Down,” Jeffrey David Goldford – This was a new song for me. I’ll say this – it did kind of chill me out.
  2. “Daisy Mae,” Leon Bridges – Okay, now Leon has me on a soul kick.

Beam room radio, you done good today!

Apart from the fact that it rained damned near all day today (and the paparazzi are still staking out MGH to cover Big Papi), the day was relatively uneventful. I saw my radiation oncologist for our weekly follow-up and proved what an enormous geek I am by asking him for the 3D model of my brain (a first for him). At first, he thought I wanted him to print it for me, but I made it clear I just needed the data. It turns out he only has a 3D model of my tumor and some other reference anatomy like my eyeballs that help localize the tumor.

However, it is apparently trivial to get all my MRI’s and CT scans on a DVD, and I just so happen to know at least one Olin alumnus who has constructed legit 3D models from CT and MRI data. I didn’t think it was possible for me to develop a deeper appreciation for 3D modeling or for the original purpose of this blog (writing about silly, automated CAD tools I was developing) to actually intersect with its more recent purpose – processing this disease and what it means for my life. Pretty amazing.

Soon enough, you will all (According to Google Analytics there are over 800 of you!? How is that possible?!) be able to “enjoy” 3D renderings of my brain and my tumor. Heck, maybe there will be photos of a 3D print of my brain. Maybe I’ll even section it so I’ll be able to “disassemble” my brain and have the tumor nest inside. The possibilities are endless, really.

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  1. Question: do you just know what the songs are when you hear them because of some encyclopedic music knowledge? Or do you have to ask the technicians?

    Also, looking forward to news of a Big Papi sighting!

    1. My current strategy is just to remember the refrain and then Google that later when I compose the blog post. Of course, with the classics like Tom Petty (yes!) or The Eagles (ugh!) that’s unnecessary.

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