It’s been one week…

Did I get that Barenaked Ladies song stuck in your head? I certainly hope so!


Seriously, though, it has been exactly one week since I finished daily radiation treatments. So, how am I feeling? Meh*.

My radiation oncologist warned me that the fatigue from radiation would linger for a couple of weeks after treatment ended. My cursory research (and n of 1 study) suggest the fatigue not only lingers but actually peaks. I am more tired now than I was during the active administration of radiation. I am also a person who thrives on structure. So, the lack of the daily trek to MGH has left me feeling a bit, shall we say, adrift.

The following will not surprise those of you who know me well (or have taken a class with me). I am righting this ship with a Trello board. (Is there nothing Trello can’t do!?) I’m gathering all my projects and associated tasks in one location. That way, I can set weekly priorities and ensure that I do some things that give me a sense of accomplishment every day. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of moving a card from the “Weekly Backlog” list to the “Done” list, amiright!


As I mentioned before, I’ve also started a rigorous ketogenic diet with the goal of entering therapeutic ketosis. Because of the lingering effects of radiation and chemo it’s hard to distinguish so-called “keto flu” from treatment side effects. But, I did get all the gear, and my blood tests so far indicate that I’m maintaining a glucose-ketone index of between 0.8 and 2.0 (the therapeutic range!). But, good lord, is eating 4 grams of fat for every 1 gram of carbs and protein combined hard! I’m not proud, but today I was reduced to taking a 1 tablespoon shot of olive oil to “hit my macros.” There is no dignity in that. I know it’ll get easier. It has to.

So, all in all, the past week has felt like a bit of a struggle. But, my mom is visiting in a couple weeks 😀. And, the R’s and I will head up to Maine for my chair-making course at CFC in three weeks ⚓️**. I guess you could say I’ll be turning a corner shortly.

* My platelet count, however, bounced back pretty quickly as soon as they took me off the chemotherapy. I am now back in a happy, healthy range.

**How have we gone this long without a moose or a lobster emoji?

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  1. ohh Trello need to check it out. Tell us more about “turning the corner” class in Maine. Since there is no longer abeam room music report, let’s here what else you are listening to.

    1. I mostly just meant, I’ll be turning a corner because I have some fun experiences to look forward to. The Maine class is a chair-making workshop at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship. As for music, hearing all those 90’s jams sent me on a binge of the “Essential Alternative” Spotify playlist. It’s pretty good, but I’m finding I still have to skip about every third or fourth song.

  2. At least if you’re going to main you can maintain drawn butter with some lobster and hit your macros…

    4:1 is hard for sure. No shame in shots of olive oil.

    1. Excellent point about the lobster, Mikell. As for 4:1, I’m finding myself at the end of everyday trying to figure out what new concoction I can mix butter and MCT oil into. Salted bone broth has been my go-to so far.

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