It’s been two weeks…

Well, I guess it’s now officially been two whole weeks since my 30th (and final) radiation therapy treatment. This last week has been surprisingly hard. A week ago Saturday, I thought I could muster the energy to go to my normal olympic weightlifting class (as I’ve already done several times during treatment). Was I ever wrong about that one! We did 3 position clean deadlift drills (with almost no weight on the bar, mind you), and all that up and down movement got me nice and light-headed. Sunday I was wiped (almost certainly because of the Saturday hijinks).


On Wednesday, I woke up feeling Tony, the Tiger-great, and not a moment too soon! Big R and I had a lunch reservation at Tasting Counter in Somerville to celebrate our 9th anniversary. Despite occasionally feeling like I was in an episode of Portlandia, it was amazing. I suspended my keto diet regimen so that I could fully enjoy the meal, and fasting at dinner that night kicked me back into ketosis the next day. It’s wild how easily my metabolism can be manipulated.

I rode my bike!

Thursday I actually rode my bike to campus to say “goodbye” to our provost. (We had a really nice meeting, and I’m going to miss having him as my boss. I’m not just saying that because he reads this blog – hi, Vin!). At any rate, the ride is just under 7 miles each way, but it was also 80+ degrees out, so that little jaunt may also have been too much too soon. It has been remarkably hard to find the balance between getting enough exercise to feel good/healthy and exerting myself so much that I need a 3-hour nap the next day. C’est la vie – Friday I took a 3-hour nap.

Seriously, guys, squat snatch is a legitimate lift.

To end the week, I took another stab at olympic weightlifting. This time it was heaving snatch balance, overhead squat, and 3 position squat snatch. Miracle, of miracles, I made it through without passing out, and I remained functional enough for the rest of the day to make tsong you bing with the fam:

Cooking with the fam…

Little R makes tsong you bing
This dude insisted we call him “Chef” as he helped us make tsong you bing (scallion pancakes).

We cooked the tsong you bing the next morning for breakfast, and they weren’t half bad. (I abstained, of course – keto, and all that.) But, despite feeling pretty solid all day Saturday, I still needed a 2-hour nap on Sunday. Thankfully, Big R generously provided the opportunity by taking Little R to the Wilson Farms Strawberry Festival in Lexington.

In which I finish off this post with a dollop of control theory…

Despite it being a rough second week, my energy level is definitely converging toward normal again. It’s just that it’s also oscillating (possibly of my own doing). <BEGIN NERD ALERT>I’m really hoping for exponential stability, but honestly at this point I’ll take asymptotic stability.</END NERD ALERT> I’ll show myself out now.

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  1. Aaron, I continue to be inspired by your energetic advances. Power to you!!
    I hope you’re having a great time up north.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I’m hoping Maine will be restful and recharging, and I’ll be back with a vengeance!

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