Round 2: Temporarily Postponed

Platelets be like, “whoa, whoa, whoa…”

And, honestly, this is perfectly fine with me.

Today I was supposed to start cycle 2 (of 6) of my chemotherapy. But, it turns out my platelets are not on the same page. Yesterday’s labs revealed my platelets are still down (58), though slightly up from their nadir last Thursday (53). The crazy thing is that they dropped a full 53 K/uL over three days last week.

“We don’t want to completely wipe your bone marrow…”

Yesterday, my NP actually said to me, “We don’t want to completely wipe your bone marrow because then we can’t use Temodar on you again.” Hey, thanks. Good lookin’ out!

It turns out my bone marrow might just be particularly sensitive to my specific chemotherapy drug (since I also had my platelets drop during radiation and concomitant chemo). Alas, this does not imply that the tumor is similarly sensitive. Damn. Because of all this, my NO has decided to reduce my next chemo dose by about 17% (whereas the plan had been to increase it by 33% – yikes!).

So, the current situation is basically “wait and see.” I’ll return to MGH every other day until my platelets are back above 100 K/uL. Once I reach that concentration, I can expect the “green light” for Round 2.

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