Waiting in the Healing Garden

As I mentioned before, I’m in a bit of a holding pattern as I wait for my platelets to come back above the 100K/uL threshold. When that happens, I’ll be clear to start the next round (number 2 of 6) of chemotherapy.

In the intervening time, I have to go to MGH every other day for labs so they can check my blood cell counts. Since it’s a 30 minute Lyft ride each way, it feels like a lost opportunity to simply jump back in a Lyft after they draw my blood.

Yesterday, I stopped by the healing garden on the 8th floor of the Yawkey building to sit for a few minutes. It was a gorgeous day, so I snapped the photo below. Enjoy!

A view of the Ulfelder Healing Garden on the 8th floor of the Yawkey Building at Massachusetts General Hospital
The Ulfelder Healing Garden at MGH

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