Round 2: It’s back on…

…but I’m not sure how I feel about that. Today, my platelet level was 106 K/uL, officially clearing me to start round 2 of chemotherapy. Last round sucked pretty badly, but I’ve since learned that I can take up to 3 anti-nausea pills per day. And, my NP prescribed another complementary anti-nausea medication (of which I can also take up to 3 pills daily). Looks like I’m might be poppin’ pills all day.

I’ve also decided to start this cycle on a Sunday evening to minimize the chances of the chemo screwing up my weekend family time. We’ll see how that works out. Apologies to my colleagues in advance.

As always, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, enjoy this photo that I took this morning of dew on an alpine strawberry plant on our back porch.

Morning dew on an alpine strawberry plant.
Morning dew distributes itself on the leaves of a strawberry plant.

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    1. Ideally? 28 days – 5 days of taking pills, 23 days of rest. But, if the platelets drop by a lot again, they’ll delay the next cycle until they’re above 100. They actually backed off the dose by almost 20% this time, so I have high hopes.

  1. Good news about the platelets! In the big picture, I hope this means “effective treatment, strong defenses”. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you. In the meantime, I say if it helps you feel better, pop those pills! Of course, that’s what we said back in the 70’s…

    1. I am poppin’ so many pills these days I literally can’t keep count (despite big R’s elaborate medication spreadsheet system). C’est la vie.

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