Round 2 – Chemo 0, Aaron 1

Tonight, I will take the last of five doses of my chemotherapy in this second round. I hope it’s not premature to call it, but I’m going to push my luck and do it anyway.

This round of chemo has been muuuuuch easier than the last. How did I miss that I was allowed to take up to three Zofran (anti-nausea) pills per day last round? It’s made an enormous difference. Also, my nurse practitioner added in Compazine (also allowed 3X per day). So, basically, like clockwork, I take an anti-nausea pill as soon as I wake and every four waking hours after.

I still get small waves of nausea pretty much anytime I eat anything, but overall this is a huge improvement. I’ve also discovered that just fasting if I don’t feel like eating is fine. I’ve lost a little weight, but I’ll have 3 weeks to work on putting some pounds back on before the next cycle.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Aaron, I’m so glad to hear that this round is going as smoothly as possible. Sending positive vibes your way.

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