Chemo Round 4 in the Books

Something the other day reminded me that the standard of care for brain tumors is commonly referred to as “slash (surgery), “burn (radiation), and poison (chemotherapy)”. Well, as of Friday last week, I’m two-thirds poisoned! Hmmm, that doesn’t sound quite right…

It feels good to be on the upswing from what was a slightly more difficult than usual round last week. I’ve gotten fairly used to the nausea and the fact that it takes me 25 minutes to finish a breakfast that used to take (at most) 10. But, man, the fatigue! This past round, unplanned 3 hour naps were not uncommon (and were frequently necessary).

That’s okay. In three more weeks I will have forgotten how much chemo sucks, and I’ll be ready to attack round 5 with renewed enthusiasm!

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